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Science Fiction | PG-13 for language instagram.com/alkcomics alkcomics.tumblr.com -- A team of eight operatives from the global conglomerate Water Industries are on a detail filming the environment of the Challenger Deep -- the lowest point on Earth. They find a surprising bounty of life, where previous research found only sparsity. Communication with their satellite labs inexplicably ceases. Video feed is lost and changed. Is there more in the bowels of the abyss than just wayward jellyfish?


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More technical difficulties! Both lightboxes I have access to are out of commission right now. Between that and some traveling, I probably won't be able to update again until mid May. Stay tuned! I'll post some extra art in the mean time, and maybe go back and edit some of chapter one.

» Updates

Officially adding Saturday to the update schedule.

For progress shots, previews, character sketches and extra art goodies, check out my Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/alkcomics

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Thank you for reading. This is a mirror of the original webcomic, updated on Thursdays, found at [http://www.cargocollective.com/water-comic].

There are a few inconsistencies and many poorly-drawn panels, but I am not going back and fixing anything until the whole thing is done!

Stay tuned for updates, news, extras and information about gallery shows and print copies.

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